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Hi! We're Becca and Cade

Thanks for stopping by. We are two birds without direction (plus a Taladog), adventurers by day, snuggle bugs by night.

We are jacks of many trades, and we spend the majority of our days in wild places. True story: Becca was once a gymnastics coach and Cade used to work in a bank. Then Becca went to school for environmental studies and thought about getting a real job for a minute, then got a job in a bar instead. She has worked as a professional paraglider pilot for over ten years. Cade spent a few years in the military and is currently exploring a career in commercial aviation. These days we are loosely based in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Cade tests speedwings too and Becca is a freelance photographer. Tala came from the Navajo reservation on the Arizona-New Mexico border. 

Whether you are building your own home on wheels, trying to cut down on your environmental impact, or just looking for a good time outside, we hope this site has given you some insight and a little inspiration.

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